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  • reasons to love sichul | when Heechul stands up for Siwon part 1/2 

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  • Two types of people


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  • moon-kibum:


    nah bruh u cant come back from this:


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  • x

    leeteuk trying by himself >_>

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  • handsome siwon is handsome//poor kyuhyun

    poor kyunaa XD

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  • Rich Choi Siwon can you buy sment instead?

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  • let’s goooo

  • alzhraa2:

    ادعو الله تجيني عيدية تسيذا•﹏•
    كل عام و انتم بخير
    #عيد #كل_عام_وانتم_بخير #اضحى #خروف #عيد_اضحى